PC-GIS X Preview/Plot PDF printout quality

“I think have it (Preview/Plot) worked out – as you see by the attached (PDF), the photo appears fuzzy. Is that typical or is there something I am doing incorrectly.”

The print quality is determined by your printer setting.

In the Plot Preview screen, please click on the third icon from the left to check the printer setting. The Print Quality setting may be in the Advanced section.

600 dpi is high quality. 300 dpi is good enough for printing on paper.


Can I send my job map to PDF from PC-GIS X?

Your PC-GIS X has a very nice map plotting function that will output the map to a PDF file or to a printer.

You can access the Preview/Plot function by clicking on the “P” icon on the tool bar at the top of the screen.

First zoom-fit your map on the screen then click on the Preview/Plot icon.

Click on the Select Template button then select the Portrait or Landscape mode as appropriate to your map.

Click on New Template the click on OK.

You can click the Setup icon (5th icon from the left) to select an appropriate scale to show your map on one page.

You can opt to have the North arrow, scale bar, map legend etc. displayed.

When you click on the colored icon for Plot to file, you have a choice to output the map to a PDF file. If you have a color printer installed on your PC, you should get a color map file.

When you click on the Exit icon, confirm to save the modified layout and supply a file name. In the future you may select this template to use.

Save your map to a .fmp file.

PC-GIS PRO installation issue

“I am running into an issue with PC GIS PRO ‘failing to open config file’. Background: I purchased PC GIS pro a number of years ago and had it running on my laptop loaded with windows XP. It worked great does everything I needed it to do and more. Very easy to use. However my laptop finally died. Now I am using a slightly newer laptop running windows 7. I have attempted to load PC GIS PRO on it a few different times and it loads but keeps coming up with an error message that says fails to open config file.”

Windows 7 and later versions of Windows have an extra layer of security protection.

It is possible that the security level on your Windows 7 PC was not set to the lowest level (or 0) when you installed the PC-GIS software.

Please make sure you are logged in as the administrator of the PC and no anti-virus and anti-spyware software will interfere with the installation.

Right-click on the installation .exe file and select “Run as administrator”.

When your PC tells you that a program is trying to make changes to the system and do you want to execute it YES or NO, in that pop-up window there is a link to change the security level. It has to be set to 0 or the lowest level.

Certain files (such as the configuration file and the font system files) are copied to your PC during installation. And if the PC prevents those files to be copied, then PC-GIS cannot run properly.


PC-GIS X cannot find the Shapefiles

“I am working on a project with the PC-GPS X software and I am not having any luck importing a shape file. This is the first time this has happened . . . If you don’t mind I am going to attach the shape files to this email and would like to see if you have any luck just to be sure it is not the software itself. . . Kind of a weird deal though and maybe it is because it is Monday. Also, I import the shape files in NAD83 Zone 15.”

The error message is about PC-GIS X not being able to find the specified Shapefiles.

Each of your file names contains a “.” symbol other than the one separating the file name from the file name extension.

Please rename all the files by replacing that “.” with a “_”.

Then you should be able to import the Shapefiles.

Where to get Digital Elevation Model files for use in PC-GPS?

“Looking for a new place to get the DEM files that work in PCGPS. The geocomm site I used to use appears to be out of business.”

Please check this one out:


CMT Basemap layers

“Can you remind me how to remove the tan color from the background on the base maps? This uses a lot of ink. Just need a white background.”

Under Basemap – Basemap Options please turn off “City Limits” and “County Subdivisions”.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC)

“My handheld device (Trimble Nomad) and my computer will not connect, apparently a result of a recent Windows update, despite numerous uninstals, installs, repairs. I have tried copying my data to a flash-drive but I don’t know how to then open it in CMT Forester. The job shows on the flash drive as a .fix file. Can you help?”

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) with the Windows 10 version 1703 update.

There are several files associated with each CE-CRUISE 10 job. The two essential files you must transfer to the CMTForester folder on your PC are: the .pmp file and the .crz file.

You could try to fix the issue with Mobile Device Center on Windows 10 as follows.

1) Add 2 registry entries as shown below by putting them in a text file
then right-clicking on the file name (such as WMDC-Reg.bat) and selecting
“Run as administrator”

REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RapiMgr /v SvcHostSplitDisable /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WcesComm /v SvcHostSplitDisable /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

2) Restart the PC.

3) Click on the Windows Start icon and right-click on
Windows Mobile Device Center.
Select “Run as Administrator”.
Now WMDC 6.1.6965 in Windows 10 version 1703 runs, but it shows
Click on Mobile Device Settings then click on Connection Settings.
Mark the check box for “Allow USB connections”.
Unmark the check box for “Allow connections to one of the following:”.

4) Right-click on Windows Start icon and select “Computer Management”.
Double-click on “Services and Applications” then double-click on “Service”.
Scroll down and look for “Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity”
and “Windows Mobile-based device connectivity”. Double-click on one of these
services to view its properties. Click on the “Log On” tab then
select “Local System account” as the log on mode.
Do this for the other mobile-based device connectivity service as well.

Restart the PC.

5) On a PDA running Windows Mobile 5.0, tap the Windows Start icon
then select “Settings”.
Tap on the “Connections” tab.
Select “USB Settings” then select “Transmission as Serial Interface”.
Now connect the PDA to the PC via USB.
The Mobile Device Interface in PC-series will show that the
PDA and the PC are communicating properly.

WMDC may still show “Disconnected”. It will show “Connected” after a restart.

On PDAs running Windows Mobile 6.0, after selecting “Connections”,
tap on “USB to PC”.
Un-mark the check box for “Enable advanced network functionality”.
If successful, connect the PDA to the PC via USB and verify that PDA and PC are able to communicate with each other.

Should the above steps not work for your system, or should another future Windows update wreak havoc again, you could copy the job files from the PDA to a flash drive then copy them from the flash drive to your PC.

For FieldCE-GIS and FieldCE-SURVEY, copy the files ending in .pmp. (If you are using the old Z33 system with FieldCe-SURVEY to record raw data for differential correction, then also copy the .raw, .def, .ftr and .fix files.) For CE-CRUISE 10, copy the .pmp and .crz files.

You could also try using Bluetooth to transfer files between the PC and the PDA. If your PC is not Bluetooth enabled, you can get a USB dongle to add the Bluetooth capability to your PC. However, it’s a rather clumsy process to move the files yourself through the finicky Bluetooth connection.