Go to a Feature Record based on search criteria

You already know how to use the Map/Search function to search for Feature Records that meet certain search criteria. Now, PC-MAPPER AI 4.0 provides a “Goto” function in the Sheet View pop-up menu that will let you quickly get to the desired Feature Records that meet the criteria.

For example, open the cmttut.ftr sample job and highlight the Trees Topic. Drag it above the area topics so the Tree Features won’t be obscured by the solid areas. Turn on View/Sheet then right-click in Sheet View to display the pop-up menu. Select “Goto”. In the Goto Record dialog, unmark the Select checkbox for FeatureID and mark the Select checkboxes for Prune and Height. Enter “NO” as the Value for Prune, and “>50” as the Value for Height.

Click on “Find Next” to jump to each Tree record that meets the criteria of “NO” pruning and having a height value of  “>50”. The corresponding point will be highlighted in Map View.


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