How to print a large map at 1″=660′ scale?

The Plot Preview function places the contents of Map View onto a plot and lets you prepare the plot for output. When working with a larger map, the area of interest may not all fit into Map View at the desired scale setting. So, how does one go about printing the entire map using Plot Preview?

With PC-GIS 09, PC-GPS 09 and PC-MAPPER 09, you can fit the desired map area in Map View, change the scale in Plot Preview to the desired setting then resize the map while maintaining the scale. The steps to do so in Plot Preview are as follows:

1. On the Scale page, set the desired number of pages and scale.

2. Make the “Lock Scale” and “MAP object resizable by mouse” check boxes then click OK to confirm the settings.

3. Select the Map object and drag it to the desired position.

4. Click on the upper-right corner of the Map object and drag it to enlarge the map. The desired map scale is maintained.


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