How do I export the track of the aircraft to a file?

A user asked, “I can see all the points along the track by double clicking the AL_Flight_Path Topic.  I’ve tried setting up a new sheet with the fields Latitude, Longitude and Time, but I only get one point per feature.  I would like to export the locations and time for each node of the flightline.  Is there anyway to do this?”

Yes. You can copy the AI_Flight_Path Topic to a new map to work with if you don’t want to change your current map.

In the new map, create a new Point Topic, e.g. FL-nodes, and set up the Latitude, Longitude and Time Attributes for this Topic.

Highlight the flight line.

Select Utilities/Disconnect Line to Points.

Select the Topic FL-nodes as the destination Topic to which to send the points.

This will give you all the nodes for the flight line in the SheetView for FL-nodes.

As mentioned in a previous blog post in June 2011, you can set the flight line node intervals before taking flight.


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