Are there 1:24000 scale quad grid Shapefiles available for USA?

Yes, you can download USGS Quad Grid files from this link.

For example, you may download the 1:24000 scale grid files (*.SHP) then import the Shapefiles into PC-MAPPER AI for use as the Index Map.

The Index Map defines the boundaries of the areas into which the map files can be automatically loaded through the use of a Thematic Map file in PC-MAPPER AI.  

Since many of the raster images are referenced to a UTM or SPC coordinate system, after importing the grid Shapefiles into PC-MAPPER AI in the LLA system, you should switch to the UTM or SPC system.

Normally you would just need a few of the grids for your Index Map. Simply create a new map file in PC-MAPPER AI, add a new Area Topic  then copy the relevant grids to that Area Topic in the new map file.

For the Area Topic in the Index Map, you should add at least these two Attributes: MAPSHEET_NAME and UTM_zone (or SPC_zone or <User_defined>_zone).

The Thematic Map file makes use of the file path data in the MAPSHEET_NAME field for loading the map-sheet image files automatically.


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