How to change the map registration from UTM to State Plane Coordinate System

“I am importing jpg2 orthophotos that are in UTM zone 17 and need to get them into SPCS, North Carolina. How do I save out a world file so I can bring it into cad and it will have the SPCS associated world file.”

1. Your jpg2 orthophoto is in UTM Zone 17, and its world file is recorded as such. When you load this jpg2 orthophoto into PC-GIS, PC-GPS or PC-MAPPER, you will need to specify UTM Zone 17. Changing the coordinate system in PC-GIS, PC-GPS or PC-MAPPER will enable the map to display correctly in that coordinate system. however, it does not change the coordinate system used for registering the map.

2. If you want a map in SPCS, North Carolina, you can try using the Register Photo/Image function inPC-GIS, PC-GPS or PC-MAPPER to re-register it. Load the jpg2 image into the geo-referencing window in UTM Zone 17, change the coordinate system to SPCS, North Carolina then click OK. This will create a .WDF file for SPCS. Then go back to the geo-referencing screen and load the map. Then click on the Create TWF button. Assign a new name to the resultant tif file. This set of tif and .tfw files will be registered in SPCS.


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