Where are the Basemaps?

A few users in USA were unable to load a CMT Basemap for use with their PCGPS or PC-GIS job file because the Basemap files were not copied from the Basemap CD to the correct folder.

The Basemap CD contains one folder named Basemap, with subfolders containing the county-based Basemap files for a number of states in the USA.

Please insert the CD into a CD ROM drive of your PC.
Right-click on the folder and select Copy.
Then paste the entire Basemap folder to the c: drive of your PC.
If you are using Windows 7 or 8, you must have administrative rights to the PC in order to paste items to the c: drive.

After the Basemap folder is in place, PC-GIS 09 and PC-GPS 09 will be able to locate the Basemaps under c:\Basemap.

To use a Basemap, you could open a job file containing a Feature in Texas then select View\Basemap\Display Basemap to automatically open the Basemap for the county in which the Feature is located.

Or, if there are no Features in the job map that you’ve opened, you can still load a Basemap by using Utilities\Basemap\Load/Change Basemap and select the desired State and County.


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