Point, Line and Area symbols gone

After upgrading to PC-GIS X, a user reported an issue: ” . . .  the only patterns in the Default tab all the way through the custom tabs is a Solid fill, with the ability to change the fill color or change transparency.  This is on a AREA…. Looks like POINT is fine as used to be, did not check LINE.” . . . “Really like the software for my consultant business.” – S.R.

There are two possible causes:

1)  When you run the CMT PC mapping software for the first time, the symbols library files are automatically created. If these library failed to be created due to Windows security, or if these files got deleted, then only the default plain symbols will be available for use.

Please download symbols-library.zip from


Extract the files to your PCGISX program folder, and see if it helps.

2) The symbols are stored in font files. A  Windows update may have removed these font files.

Please download CMTFONTS.zip from our ftp site by going to


then selecting the Outgoing/ folder.

Then unzip the files to the “fonts” folder under Control Panel.
The required password is: CFF123
Reset your PC then try PC-GISX again.



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