How can I use PC-MAPPER to take GPS points and polygons?

PC-MAPPER can get the NMEA messages from a GPS receiver connector to your PC, Notebook PC or Tablet PC running Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

First, click on the GPS antenna icon at the top and make connection to the GPS receiver.

Select GPS/Collect and click on New to enter the job name.
If you are using a Feature List then select the desired Feature List.
When you click OK, the Store Feature screen will be displayed.

Select the Type of Feature (Point, Line or Area, i.e. polygon) and enter the Feature Name.

Select the data collection mode. Usually Points are recorded in Static mode and Line and Areas in Dynamic mode.

You can add Attributes if you wish.

When you click OK, the Storing window comes up to display the progress of data collection.

After collecting one point, click the Store button to record another point for the same Topic. To record a Feature in another Topic, click the New button instead.


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