Is it possible to take geo-referenced pictures?

A photo image you take with your analog or digital camera is not geo-referenced.

You could attach photo images to the Point, Line and Area Features in PC-MAPPER, PC-GPS and PC-GIS. This will associate the photos with one point location, but the photo images themselves are still not considered geo-referenced.

On a geo-referenced image every spot corresponds to an actual geographic location (coordinates)..

You can use PC-MAPPER, PC-GPS and PC-GIS to capture geo-referenced image from Google Earth. To do so, first select Utilities/Google Earth/Launch Google Earth.
After zooming into the desired location in Google Earth, then select Utilities/Google Earth/Capture Image.

You can also use PC-MAPPER, PC-GPS and PC-GIS to geo-reference a map image. This is done by matching a few points (usually the corner points) on the image to the actual geographic coordinates then adjusting the map image accordingly.


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