Combining map jobs

“This may be a long shot, but I was wondering if the PC-GIS software we purchased a few weeks ago has the capability of joining multiple .FMP files into one? We have almost 100 map files and it would make things more manageable for us.”

There is not a function to join the .fmp files, but you can combine the Features from all the job files into one master .fmp file.

There are two ways of doing this.

1. Copy a Topic from one .fmp file and paste the Topic into the master .fmp file. Do so for all the Topics in the .fmp file. Repeat for the other .fmp files.

If the copied Topic already exists in the master .fmp file, the Features in the original file will be renumbered to follow the existing Features.

2. Save the .fmp file as .ftr file then import the .ftr file into the master .fmp file. Do this for all the .fmp files that you wish to incorporate into the master .fmp file.

This is a faster way of combining the job files. However, the .ftr file format does not save the map colors, classifications, labels, etc. It only saves the feature coordinates
(shapes) and Feature ID.

You could redo the symbol/color assignment and classification for each Topic in the master .fmp file after all the .ftr files have been imported.


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