Converting raster image for use in a CMT iPad app

“I think a NAIP photo is too big for our computer to convert to a .pim file. I doubt a file that large could be stored on my iPad.”

The .PIM files are the Portable Image files for use on some of the CMT apps running on Windows Mobile devices and iPad or iPhone devices.

You will need to use a CMT PC software program to create the .PIM files. The function is accessed by selecting Utilities – Mobile Device Interface/Conversion – CE Image Converter.

In the PC-GIS, PC-GPS or PC-MAPPER software there is an Online Manual under Help. Please enter “CE Image Converter” in the Search box and follow the instructions to create a .pim file for a loaded NAIP map image. You will be able to select just a small portion of the map that you need to make a .pim file for use on your mobile device.

To make the .pmp and .pim files available for use by your iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II app, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS or Forester GPS GIS app, you will need to first copy them to the iTunes shared files folder for the respective app.

To load a .pim file in the iPad or iPhone app, select Main Menu/Background Map/Load Registered Image then select the desired file.


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