User-defined coordinate system for Florida

” I am having problem importing this shapefile into my PC-GPS map. It always is way south of where it should be. Do you have any suggestions?”

This set of Shapefiles was created using the Florida projection, not the UTM coordinate system. The coordinate system used by the Shapefiles must agree with the coordinate system used in PC-GPS; otherwise the Shapefiles data will be interpreted incorrectly.

You can create a User-defined Coordinate System in PC-GPS for the Floridat projection as follows:

1. Click on ‘User defined’ under the Map/Coordinate System option and select Meters as the distance unit.

Then click “Edit Coordinate System”. Type in a coordinate system name like “FLORIDA” and click <ADD>.

2. Select “NAD83” as the Datum and “Albers Equal Area conic” for the Projection. leave the zone number as it is.

3. Enter the following parameters into the appropriate spaces:

Central Meridian: 84 00′ 00” W
False Northing: 0 meters
False Easting: 400000.0 meters
Latitude of false origin: 24 N
North Parallel: 24 N
South Parallel: 31 30′ N

Click on OK to save the projection. Click on OK again to select this user-defined coordinate system as the active coordinate system. Then import the Shapefiles.

If you want the Shapefiles to go into an existing job, then first open that job file, change the coordinate system to the Florida projection, then import the Shapefiles.

If you would like to use the Florida projection in iCMTGIS II, then copy the user_cor.sys file to the Documents folder for iCMTGIS II via iTunes. (The file name needs to be in lower-case for iCMTGIS II to use it.)


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