What does the .WDF file do?

You can load a geo-referenced raster image for use as background maps in your CMT PC mapping software. Before loading a geo-referenced image, you will need to set the datum, coordinate system and distance unit in your CMT PC software to match those that were used in creating the geo-referenced raster images (e.g. UTM NAD83 Meters).

When you load a map image, the CMT mapping software will ask you if you would like to have a .wdf file created. With a .wdf (world file) created, in the future the software will load the map without prompting you for the coordinate system.

However, if a .wdf file was created when the map was loaded incorrectly, then you must delete the bad .wdf file then reload the map in the correct coordinate system. Otherwise the software will keep using the bad world file as a reference and load the image incorrectly.


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