Software license migration

If, for some reason, you need to switch to using a different PC for PC-GIS 9, PCGIS X, PC-GPS 9, PC-MAPPER 9, PC-MAPPER AI 4 or COGOCAD 9, you can transfer the software license to the new PC as follows:

1) Download and install the current CMT PC software on the new computer. If the above-mentioned version 9 software on your old PC does not provide the validation code migration function, then download and install the current software on your old PC as well.

2) Run the software on the new PC to get the new User Key.

3) Run the software on the old PC .
Under Help , run the “Migrate Validation Code” command then enter the new User Key.

4) In the Emigration window, take note of the migration file name and file location . If you wish to have the migration file saved to a different folder then click the Change button to specify that folder.

Click on the OK button. A message should display to confirm the successful creation of the migration file.

5) Copy the migration file from the old PC to the new PC.

6) Go back to the software validation screen on the new PC, and click on the Import Code button. Select the migration file.

7) Click on OK to complete the software validation for your new PC.

Please note that after the license migration, the software will stop working on the original computer.

8) You can copy your data files to the new computer. Copy your data files from the folder PCGIS9 on the old PC to the same folder on the new PC. The data files have names that contain your Job names and such file name extensions as .ftr, .fmp, .pmp.

If you use any user-defined coordinate system or datum, then copy the files that start with “USER” in the file names as well.


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