GPS PDA to use with PC-GIS

“Can I use any GPS unit that is capable of uploading points to my mapping program as long as they use a file format that shows up in the import feature? For example, GPX format or Shapefiles. Do you have any recommendations for me?By the way, I have enjoyed using your program and it has served me very well over the years.

I know consumer grade Garmin units are not as accurate as the Forge or equivalent, but can my PC-GIS program accept the GPX files that they use? GPX files are listed in the dropdown list.”

Yes, PC-GIS 9 will let you import and export data in GPX format. However, the GPX format is limited. It puts all Point shapes on the “Waypoint” layer, all Line shapes on the “Track” layer and all Area shapes on the “Area” layer. It does not export or import the Attributes of the Features. It is adequate if all you need are the locations of the Point Features that you record using the GPS unit

You could also use any GPS data collector that outputs Shapefiles. Some of our customers are using the following PDA models with FieldCE GIS, which will import and export Shapefiles:

BAP Forge
Archer JS2
Trimble Nomad 800B with SX Blue GPS receiver
Sokkia S10
The Pharos is less expensive, but its screen is on the small side.

Some of our customers have migrated to using our iPhone or iPad GPS/GIS apps, such as iGPSGIS II (for iPhone) or iCMTGIS II (for iPad). They would use an external GPS receiver such as the Dual XGPS-150 GPS receiver or a Bad Elf GPS receiver. These GPS receivers connect to the iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.


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