List of PDA devices compatible with the CMT CE field software

pda”Regarding the CE-Cruise software, is there a list of compatible devices / processors / operating systems that I need to be aware of?”

The CE-CRUISE 10 software, like our other CE field software programs, is compatible with Windows Mobile operating system. Some of the newer PDAs run Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, which is basically the same as Windows Mobile 6.5. That said, certain PDAs may have special hardware configurations that may not be compatible. This is why you should always try the DEMO software version on the PDA before purchasing the unit.

Our customers have successfully used the following PDA models:

Archer II Windows Mobile 6.5.3
Spectra Precision ProMark 120
BAP FLINT Handheld Rugged PDA
BAP FORGE Handheld Rugged PDA
Sokkia S10
The Handheld Group’s Nautiz X7
Magellan Explorist Pro 10
Magellan Mobile Mapper 6
Trimble Nomad 800B running Windows Mobile 6 and SX Blue GPS receiver
HP iPAQ 2790 with Global SAT BT-359 GPS receiver


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