Aligning Deed Plot with the map in PC-GIS X

“Knowing that the previously drawn boundary has errors, I am seeking to draw out the survey calls and see if I can search out the boundary from those…knowing the survey is not recent. With that, when I plotted it out for whatever reason the boundary shape is not oriented around properly. Did I do something wrong when I entered? Is there a option to start at a mouse selected starting location and then have the plotter plot the calls from that starting point? . . . I do not know how to rotate a shape.”

There are discrepancies between your deed calls and the reference map.

On the Feature Information screen for the deed plot, please set the orientation for the deed plot to 172 degrees to rotate it then drag it to try to match a corner with the corresponding corner on the plot.

The deed calls may have the north and south reversed. Also, it is probably referenced to magnetic north and therefore has an angle of declination to account for.

With respect to the location of the plot, you can specify the coordinates of the point of beginning on the Feature Information screen before entering the calls.


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