PC-GIS PRO installation issue

“I am running into an issue with PC GIS PRO ‘failing to open config file’. Background: I purchased PC GIS pro a number of years ago and had it running on my laptop loaded with windows XP. It worked great does everything I needed it to do and more. Very easy to use. However my laptop finally died. Now I am using a slightly newer laptop running windows 7. I have attempted to load PC GIS PRO on it a few different times and it loads but keeps coming up with an error message that says fails to open config file.”

Windows 7 and later versions of Windows have an extra layer of security protection.

It is possible that the security level on your Windows 7 PC was not set to the lowest level (or 0) when you installed the PC-GIS software.

Please make sure you are logged in as the administrator of the PC and no anti-virus and anti-spyware software will interfere with the installation.

Right-click on the installation .exe file and select “Run as administrator”.

When your PC tells you that a program is trying to make changes to the system and do you want to execute it YES or NO, in that pop-up window there is a link to change the security level. It has to be set to 0 or the lowest level.

Certain files (such as the configuration file and the font system files) are copied to your PC during installation. And if the PC prevents those files to be copied, then PC-GIS cannot run properly.



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