Deer symbol disappeared

“I checked and double checked this morning and I’m thinking it may have gotten deleted some way or another. I have all the symbols from tents to kayakers but no deer. Is there a way to import the symbols file? I’ll try to find another symbol to use on the maps for now and that should get things rolling.”

The wildlife symbols are not on the default libraries shown on the tabs.

You can select a different library as follows:

Select one of the displayed libraries, such as Forestry.

Click on “Save As”, enter a name, such as “Wild”.

Select a symbol then click on Edit.

Click on “Pick Symbol” then select “Change Library”.

Select the library that shows a number of animals then pick the deer symbol, if you see it.

Click on OK.

In a similar way, add other desired symbols.

Click on “Save As”, and save this library to the “Wild.cgp” file.

Later, when you need to get the deer symbol, you will click on the “Custom” tab to see your custom library. You can rename “Custom” to “Wild” by entering “Custom” in the blank box displayed.

Please back up the wild.cgp file for safekeeping.


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