Field data collection apps for iPad and iPhone devices

“We are using a PDA Recon WinCE and the FieldCe is working well. Does the ipad replaces the PDA?”

Our iPad/iPhone apps provide an alternative way of collecting field data. As the built-in GPS on iPad and iPhone devices are not accurate, users usually get a compatible external GPS receiver with the apps. GIS-grade GPS receivers such as the Dual XGPS-150 and Bad Elf GPS claim 2 – 5 meter accuracy. High-precision ones, like the SXBlue Platinum and EOS Arrow, are much more expensive.

iCMTGIS II can be used on iPad and is compatible with your PC-GPS 9. If you have an iPad and do not require high-precision, then you could get a Dual XGPS-150 or Bad Elf GPS and purchase iCMTGIS II from the Apple App Store for an economical additional field data collection system. You can find the Apple iTunes Preview for this app at


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