Juniper Systems Mobile Connect

As you know, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) with the Windows 10 version 1703 update. In a previous post we mentioned a workaround and alternative file transfer methods. 7/5/17

Recently Juniper Systems announced a software program that provides an easier way to transfer files from a Windows Mobile device to a Windows 10 PC via USB.

You could test Mobile Connect with your Windows Mobile or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 device during the free 7-day trial that Juniper System offers to see if they are compatible.


After creating an inside buffer, what’s the remaining acreage?

Suppose you have created an inside buffer for an Area Feature. When you select the inside buffer and click on Measure Area, the pop up window will show the acreage of the “Excluded Area“, which is the remaining acreage of the original Area Feature.

Does PC-GIS produce Geo-reference PDF for use in Avenza?

Our apps do not generate nor work with geo-referenced PDF maps.

You could give this site a try:

Make sure you upload both the .tif file and the .twf file to the converter.
You could request a sample converted file first, which does not count toward your three free conversions.

Is there a way to tell that we have used the Offset function to move a feature?

When you double-click on a Feature, the Feature Properties window will pop up. If the Feature was offset, you will see a button labeled “With Offset“. Otherwise, that same button would be labeled “No Offset”.

Also, if a Point Feature has been offset, you can see its actual GPS location indicated by a tiny red node. To have the nodes displayed, click on the Display/Hide Nodes icon on the tool bar.

Can you tell us how to import photos from ARCGIS sites?

In what format are the photos you’ve downloaded from ARCGIS?

Please keep in mind that you can only import geo-referenced images into a Job in CMT-Forester 10.

To import a GeoTiff image, you will need the corresponding .tiff and the .tfw files.

To import a GeoJpeg image, you will need the corresponding .jpg and the jgw files.

To import a MRSID image, you will need the .sid and sdw files.

If you wish to load an image that has not been geo-referenced, you could use CMT-Forester 10 to geo-reference that image if you have the coordinates for three or more reference points on that image.

Tech Support file folders moved

Our technical_support file folder now has a new URL. In the future you will be directed to download the program files and tech support files from the relevant folders located at:

How to split an area into two areas using PC-GPS

“Also i wanted to know if there is a way to find different sets of acres in a field that i gps’d and loaded into CMT. For example if i have three plantings in a field and for the first one i need to find about 5 Acres. Is there a way for the program to help me find the splits just by inputting the acres I’m looking for in a particular field i gps’d or no?”

With your PC-GPS 9 you can have an area split with a specific size for one of the two pieces. The function is COGO – Hinge Cut. Enter the desired acreage (5 acres) then select the node on the perimeter where you want the cut to start. Hit the “Solve” button. If the cut area is on the wrong side, then switch from Previous to Next for “Include Point in List”. If the cut looks good, hit the “Store” button. This will create a new Point.

You can then add an area of 5 acres by snapping to the relevant nodes.

Alternatively, you could use Edit – Insert Node to add a new node to the original area at the Hinge Point then use Utilities – Disconnect Areas to Sub Areas to divide the original area into two areas.

The COGO functions are also provided by PC-MAPPER 9, PC-MAPPER AI 4, CMT-SURVEY 9 and CMT-Forester 10.