CMT PC software and iOS app compatibility

Many of the MARCH-II-E, MC-GPS and ALTO-G12 GPS data collectors have switched to using our iGPSGIS II, iCMTGIS II, iCMTGIS III or iCMTGIS PRO apps. We are pleased to receive their positive feedback.

“We are enjoying using the iPad App and our upgraded version 9 of PC-GPS.”

If you are using PC-GIS 9, PC-GPS9, PC-MAPPER 9 or CMT-Forester 10, these software programs are compatible with the GPS/GIS mapping data collected using iGPSGIS II or iCMTGIS II.

The CMT PC mapping software program compatible with iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO, Forester II/III is PC-GIS X. They can share the .pmp Job files and the .fbr Feature Lists.

If you wish to continue using your PC-GIS 9, PC-GPS9, PC-MAPPER 9 or CMT-Forester 10 software programs to work with data collected using iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO or Forester II/III, you can export the Feature Data to Shapefiles then import the Shapefiles to PC-GIS 9, PC-GPS9, PC-MAPPER 9 or CMT-Forester 10. These PC software programs cannot open the enhanced .pmp and .fbr files created by the iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO and Forester II/III apps.


How to install field software onto the PDA without using WMDC

Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) facilitates communication between your Windows Mobile PDA device and your PC. Although Microsoft has stopped supporting the WMDC, we encourage you to use the steps provided in our 7/5/17 blog post to get it working with your Windows 10 operating system.

Some users prefer to use Bluetooth for data file transfers instead of bothering with fixing the WMDC issue for their PC. Should they need to reinstall the CMT field software on their PDA, they won’t be able to do so by using our field software installation program, which relies on the WMDC. In this case, you can download the .CAB files for the field software program from our http site, transfer them to the PDA then double-click on each .cab file to run it. There are two .cab files associated with each field software program. One of them is called If you have previously installed the field software on the PDA, then there is no need to run to reinstall the fonts.

How to delete a Node from an Area or Line Feature in COGOCAD PRO

“I have been pulling my hair out and have exhausted many attempts to figure this out.
I can insert a node into a feature, like a line, but I can not find any way to delete one…Is there a way?”

No need to pull your hair out. Simply email us your questions.

On the tool bar is a Cut Node tool. First click on the Area or Line Feature, then select the Cut Node tool and drag the scissors symbol across the node that you wish to delete.

Same method works in PC-GIS 9, PC-GIS X, PC-GPS 9, PC-MAPPER 9, PC-MAPPER AI and CMT-Forester 10.

How to turn Topic layers on/off in CE-CRUISE 10

The Feature Topics in the map are listed in the Browse Features screen in our Windows Mobile field software. To access the Browse Features Screen in CE-CRUISE, choose Menu/Jobs/Browse Jobs.

In general, feature topics should be arranged by type and size. Point feature topics and line feature topics should be listed first. Small or medium size area feature topics should be listed next. Large area feature topics should be listed last. (An area feature topic on top of a point feature topic may prevent you from seeing the points.)

You can change the order of the feature Topic View by clicking on the desired feature topic name and then clicking on the “Up” or “Down” button to move the feature topic to a different location in the feature topic List.

The mark box to the left of each feature topic name listed in the Browse Features screen is used to specify which feature topics are displayed in the Map View. When you first open your Job file, all of the feature topics in the Feature Topic View will be marked with a check and all of the features assigned to that feature topic will be displayed in the Map View.

Windows 10 S not the same as Windows 10

“I would like to transfer a licence of PC-Mapper 9 on a new Tablet Windows 10 that we prepared. Old Tablet ALGIZ7 with windows 7 to new MS-Surface windows 10.”

MS-Surface runs Windows 10 S, which is different from Windows 10. PC-MAPPER 9 will run in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, but not in Windows 10 S.

FieldCE GIS 9 installation on Flint PDA

A FieldCE GIS 9 users ran into the “insufficient system permission” issue on their Flint PDA. A soft reset did not work.

Installation worked fine after a hard reset that was not a factory reset.

Unable to see the labels created by Auto Label

“I have tried to use the Topic/Auto label technique after highlighting the Stands topic. Before doing this, I made sure the “No Auto Label” button was checked within the Auto Label function of Forester’s Toolkit and that the icon for it was grayed out. In fact, it seems to gray out automatically when I do the Topic/Auto Label route, but I checked to be sure. Within Stands/Topic/Auto Label I checked (Select) Stand No and Description. I set my desired font size and color and clicked “OK”. I get nothing to appear on the map!”

It turned out that this user selected the “Good Times” font in the Auto Label window. Switching to a common font like the “Microsoft Sans Serif” font resolved the issue.