Can you tell us how to import photos from ARCGIS sites?

In what format are the photos you’ve downloaded from ARCGIS?

Please keep in mind that you can only import geo-referenced images into a Job in CMT-Forester 10.

To import a GeoTiff image, you will need the corresponding .tiff and the .tfw files.

To import a GeoJpeg image, you will need the corresponding .jpg and the jgw files.

To import a MRSID image, you will need the .sid and sdw files.

If you wish to load an image that has not been geo-referenced, you could use CMT-Forester 10 to geo-reference that image if you have the coordinates for three or more reference points on that image.


NMEA compliant survey software for building topo maps

“We are currently looking for some nmea compliant survey software to build topo maps for farm tile drainage systems.”

We have NMEA compliant GPS/GIS mapping and data collection software for use on Windows PC, Windows Mobile and Apple iPad/iPhone devices.

1. PC-MAPPER is for use on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 desktop, notebook or tablet device. A DEMO version is available.

2. Some users use the PC-MAPPER in the office and our FieldCE Survey on a Windows CE PDA in the field. If you have a WEHH Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 or Windows Mobile 6.5.compatible PDA, you could try the DEMO version for FieldCE Survey.

3. Our iCMTGIS 3 and iCMTGIS PRO can be used on an iPad or iPhone device. These apps are sold via the Apple App Store.

The accuracy of your work will depend on the accuracy and precision of the GPS receiver used.

Tech Support file folders moved

Our technical_support file folder now has a new URL. In the future you will be directed to download the program files and tech support files from the relevant folders located at:

How to split an area into two areas using PC-GPS

“Also i wanted to know if there is a way to find different sets of acres in a field that i gps’d and loaded into CMT. For example if i have three plantings in a field and for the first one i need to find about 5 Acres. Is there a way for the program to help me find the splits just by inputting the acres I’m looking for in a particular field i gps’d or no?”

With your PC-GPS 9 you can have an area split with a specific size for one of the two pieces. The function is COGO – Hinge Cut. Enter the desired acreage (5 acres) then select the node on the perimeter where you want the cut to start. Hit the “Solve” button. If the cut area is on the wrong side, then switch from Previous to Next for “Include Point in List”. If the cut looks good, hit the “Store” button. This will create a new Point.

You can then add an area of 5 acres by snapping to the relevant nodes.

Alternatively, you could use Edit – Insert Node to add a new node to the original area at the Hinge Point then use Utilities – Disconnect Areas to Sub Areas to divide the original area into two areas.

The COGO functions are also provided by PC-MAPPER 9, PC-MAPPER AI 4, CMT-SURVEY 9 and CMT-Forester 10.

How to load a CMT Basemap

“I wanted to know how i can load a base map onto my screen when working on creating a map. I have tried (:Utilities/Base map/Load Base Map For City) but it doesn’t seem to work.”

Have you already copied the CMT Basemap files to your PC under c:\Basemap? If not, please download BASEMAP (for Arizona and vicinity) from

Then create a folder c:\Basemap on your PC and unzip the downloaded file to this folder.

Select View – Basemap – Display Basemap.

Now, when you open a Job file with Features in Arizona, the Basemap should automatically show up.

If you load a Basemap by using Utilities – Basemap – Load/Change Basemap, make sure that the folder used is c:\basemap.

Field data collection apps for iPad and iPhone devices

“We are using a PDA Recon WinCE and the FieldCe is working well. Does the ipad replaces the PDA?”

Our iPad/iPhone apps provide an alternative way of collecting field data. As the built-in GPS on iPad and iPhone devices are not accurate, users usually get a compatible external GPS receiver with the apps. GIS-grade GPS receivers such as the Dual XGPS-150 and Bad Elf GPS claim 2 – 5 meter accuracy. High-precision ones, like the SXBlue Platinum and EOS Arrow, are much more expensive.

iCMTGIS II can be used on iPad and is compatible with your PC-GPS 9. If you have an iPad and do not require high-precision, then you could get a Dual XGPS-150 or Bad Elf GPS and purchase iCMTGIS II from the Apple App Store for an economical additional field data collection system. You can find the Apple iTunes Preview for this app at

Windows 10 update erased rapi.dll and ceutil.dll

“Well last night I think is the cause….Windows 10 did a update. I worked on CMT and the inventory software last night for 3 hours no problems. The update was over night. This evening I set down to work more on the report and when I click to load CMT I get: ‘MSGIS10.exe – System Error: The code execution cannot proceed because RAPI.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.'”

A Windows update can make unexpected or unwanted changes to your PC. This recent update removed the two files ceutil.dll and rapi.dll.

Please download from

and extract the two .dll files to your PCGPS9, PCGIS9, PCGISX, MAPPER9, PCMAPAI40, CMTForester or CMTSURVEY9 program folder.

Restart your PC then try to run the program again.

Please also copy the two .dll files to an external storage medium for safekeeping.