I am interested in the PC-GIS upgrade from version 7 to version 9. What are the new features in version 9?

The enhancements in version 9 of our various PC GPS/GIS mapping application software can be found at the following link:


Need help adding the bottom part of the basemap … can we add more than one basemap?

Yes, you can load more than one basemap to each Job.
Please select Utilities – Load/Change Basemap and unmark the checkbox for “Free original basemap”. Then select the desired additional basemap to load.

Aligning Deed Plot with the map in PC-GIS X

“Knowing that the previously drawn boundary has errors, I am seeking to draw out the survey calls and see if I can search out the boundary from those…knowing the survey is not recent. With that, when I plotted it out for whatever reason the boundary shape is not oriented around properly. Did I do something wrong when I entered? Is there a option to start at a mouse selected starting location and then have the plotter plot the calls from that starting point? . . . I do not know how to rotate a shape.”

There are discrepancies between your deed calls and the reference map.

On the Feature Information screen for the deed plot, please set the orientation for the deed plot to 172 degrees to rotate it then drag it to try to match a corner with the corresponding corner on the plot.

The deed calls may have the north and south reversed. Also, it is probably referenced to magnetic north and therefore has an angle of declination to account for.

With respect to the location of the plot, you can specify the coordinates of the point of beginning on the Feature Information screen before entering the calls.

Just curious what the differences are with PCGPS PRO vs PCGPS09 ?


The main differences between PC-GIS PRO and PC-GPS 09 are:

1. PC-GPS 09 provides GPS differential correction functions for people using our GPS data collectors (MC-GPS, MARCH II-E, ALTO-G12). PC-GIS PRO is for the other users who do not need differential correction functionality. Users of our FieldCE GIS app for Windows Mobile PDAs normally use PC-GIS PRO as FieldCE GIS only works with real-time GPS data and does not record raw data for differential correction. PC-GPS 09 is more expensive than PC-GIS PRO.

2. PC-GPS 09 provides COGO functions for creating new points using coordinate geometry. PC-GIS PRO does not.

3. PC-GIS PRO provides a Navigation function for use with an external GPS receiver that sends out NMEA messages. PC-GPS 09 does not as it is mainly for use by our GPS data collector users.

4. Now we also have iOS apps for GPS/GIS data collection. PC-GPS 09 and PC-GIS PRO are compatible with iGPSGIS II (for iPhone) and iCMTGIS II (for iPAD). Our PC-GIS X is compatible with iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO, both of which can run on iPad or iPhone devices.

There are a few other differences within certain functions or utilities. Please send email to support@cmtinc.com if you have questions about any specific functionality.

How to recover PC-MAPPER AI .DIG data file after tablet freezes?

PC-MAPPER AI 4.0 automatically makes a .BAK file for each .DIG job file. Should the tablet freeze and you are unable to load the .DIG file afterwards, you could try to recover the data by saving the .BAK file as .DIG file.

Invisible Documents folder

A user was trying to load a .jpg file as background image in PC-GIS X. “I know the .jpeg is in a folder i.e. ” Drawings ” , which is within ‘ Paper Port Documents ‘ which, itself, is found under ‘ My Documents ‘. When I try to ‘get to’ these sub folders, the program won’t allow it?”

This is an issue with “Documents and Settings” not being a real folder in the newer Windows operating system (e.g. Windows 7). It is a Junction that is used to interface legacy programs to the Windows 7 folder structure. If you are using Windows 7, please select C:\Users\*your user name*\Appdata or
C:\Users\*your user name*\Documents (or MY Documents) to perform the function of selecting Documents and Setting.

Bad scale?

“Every time I open the job, the software keeps telling me ‘cannot zoom out any farther’ and has ‘bad scale?’ in the scale box.”

When you see “cannot zoom any farther”, it usually means there are map elements that are scattered too far apart. For example, user may have inadvertently added a Feature that is thousands of miles away, or user may have imported Features in the wrong coordinate system.

In your map we see a couple of Stand-1 labels that are out of place. We have removed them. Now we are able to zoom-fit the entire map.

Please copy the modified job file to your PC and check the contents. If good, then replace your original job with this one.