Virginia Maps at VBMP

“I am more familiar with the ARCMAP system so I will explain what I am looking for using that. We had aerial imagery that was linked to an online database. Specifically, Virginia’s VBMP aerial imagery products. These included infrared photos and regular color photos. Is there any way to do that with PC-GIS X? I have only figured out how to download the County orthoimagery. Which is helpful, but the VBMP infrared is really nice to have for stand delineation.”

We went to this site and downloaded the MRSID files for a grid. Then we extracted a set of the .SID and .SDW files and was able to load the corresponding image into PC-GISX.


PC-MAPPER AI 4.0 Software Release

The PC-MAPPER AI 4.0 GPS data collection software program for air-borne inspection/inventory is now available at a competitive price.

The enhancements in this release are:

1) Increase size of microphone in Voice Recording mode.
2) Record GPS position at the start of the wave file when in Voice Recording mode, instead of recording the average position.
3) In Autoscroll mode, reposition icon at center of map when it hits a boundary.
4) Display North arrow with a cross.
5) Add the Zone field as a built-in Attribute that you can select to include as a field in SheetView.
6) Add the file path as an attribute for the AI Voice Mode topic. The current playback mode will still be available.
7) Shorten time before recording starts.
8) Support .prj file for Shapefiles.
9) Support GPX file format for the Import/Export function.
10) Add a “Go to” function for SheetView to let user quickly go to a record based on the specified Feature ID or Attribute Value(s).

11) Add a multi-level Undo/Redo function.

12) Add Coordinate conversion from WGS84(Original) to WGS84(G1150)/ITRF or any other available coordinate system, such as NAD83(CORS96).

13) Add Map/Assign Coordinate System function

14) Enhance User-defined Datum.

15) Accept ECW image format for loading image into Map View.

16) Save Plot Preview to PDF file.

17) Add Statistical Summary for numeric data in Sheet View.

18) Add option to label a line at both ends.

19) Add Supplemental Database Management for each Topic.

20) Add ability to import from CSV file to Sheet View.