Unable to connect to Google Earth using PC-GIS X

“For the past several weeks we have not been able to load google earth imagery in the software on the pc. It says failure to connect. Has something changed?”

There have been some changes on the part of Microsoft and Google Earth that affected the Google Earth registry. You will need to take the steps described in the following to properly register Google Earth on your PCs so that our PC will be able to connect to it.


Here is a video showing how you can make sure Windows 10 really makes you the administrator.


1. If you have installed Google Earth and Google Earth Pro, uninstall them from your PC.

Select Control Panel.
Select Add or Remove Programs.
Find and select Google Earth.
Click Remove and then Yes and then Finish.

2. Make sure the registry has no traces of Google Earth or Google Earth Pro

* Please ask an experienced PC user to help you if you are not familiar with modifying the registry.

Go to Windows command mode and type in “regedit” to call up the registry editor. Click on “Edit” at the top and select “Find”. Enter “Google Earth” then press enter. This will start
a search for any registry key that has “Google Earth” in it. Right-click on each registry entry you see on the right-hand side and select Delete to delete the entry. Use Windows Explorer and do a
search of your primary drive for “Google Earth” or “Earth” and delete anything you find.

3. Download the Google Earth (not the Google Earth Pro) installer to C:\GoogleEarth

You can download and install Google Earth version 7 from


Temporarily disable all firewalls, antivirus and anti-spyware software.

Install Google Earth from that location by right-clicking on GoogleEarthSetup.exe and select “Run as administrator”.

If a Windows security warning window comes up, click on the link in that window and set the security level to the lowest.

4. Find the location of googleearth.exe on your  PC.

Prepare a text file containing the following line and rename it to Register-Google.cmd. Replace the file path in the line with the actual file path on your PC

“c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe” /RegServer

Right-click on this .cmd file and select “Run as administrator”.

5. Install Google Earth Pro if you wish to use that program. Always select “Run as administrator” by right-clicking the installer software.

You can download Google Earth Pro from Google:


If you are prompted for a license code, enter “GEPFREE”.

6. Re-enable your usual firewalls, antivirus and anti-spyware software. Restore your usual security level.


Loading Google Earth image into PC-GIS PRO

“What it the best way to import a google map as my basemap into the system. I see you mentioned that you could not do this on the demo version. Can you do this on the non demo version?”

Yes, the official PC-GIS version is able to capture a geo-referenced map from Google Earth and load it for you to use as a background map.

PC-GIS can load geo-referenced images that are in .tif, .jpg, .SID and .ECW formats. When you capture the Google Earth image, you can save it as a .jpg image file. Please use the icon at the top that shows a red “L” character to load a geo-referenced image.

Google Earth Pro now free for everyone to use

“I updated to Google Earth Pro last week and have been unable to get the PC-GIS program to display the captured image on my PC. I have tried all the switches. Am I missing something here?”

There are two things to note with respect to using Google Earth Pro with our PC mapping software:

1. As Google Earth Pro doesn’t register itself to registry, you will need to first install Google Earth then install Google Earth Pro and have both software programs on your PC. You will also need to run Google Earth Pro before using PC-GIS PRO to launch it.

2. Our applications only work with 2D geo-referenced maps.
Please make sure the two check boxes in the Terrain section under Tools/Option/3D View are turned off.

Google Earth Pro available for free

You can now download Google Earth Pro for free from

You do not need to sign in to download. For product key, simply enter: GEPFREE

As you know, you can use PC-GIS PRO 09, PC-GPS 09, PC-MAPPER 09 or PC-MAPPER AI to launch Google Earth and capture a geo-referenced image for use as background map for your Feature data. You can also convert this image into a portable image file (*.pim ) to use as background map in the FieldCE GIS, FieldCE SURVEY,  iGPSGIS II, iCMTGIS II, Utility Data Collection, Forester GPS GIS, Farming GPS GIS, Forester GPS GIS II and Farming GPS GIS II mobile apps. You can also use PC-GIS PRO to export the Features from your job file to a KML file to display in Google Earth. Google Earth Pro provides high-resolution images.

Because Google Earth Pro doesn’t register itself to registry, to make it work with PC-GIS PRO 09, PC-GPS 09, PC-MAPPER 09 or PC-MAPPER AI, you will need to first install Google Earth then install Google Earth Pro and have  both software programs  on your PC.  You will also need to run Google Earth Pro before using PC-GIS PRO to launch it.

Is it possible to take geo-referenced pictures?

A photo image you take with your analog or digital camera is not geo-referenced.

You could attach photo images to the Point, Line and Area Features in PC-MAPPER, PC-GPS and PC-GIS. This will associate the photos with one point location, but the photo images themselves are still not considered geo-referenced.

On a geo-referenced image every spot corresponds to an actual geographic location (coordinates)..

You can use PC-MAPPER, PC-GPS and PC-GIS to capture geo-referenced image from Google Earth. To do so, first select Utilities/Google Earth/Launch Google Earth.
After zooming into the desired location in Google Earth, then select Utilities/Google Earth/Capture Image.

You can also use PC-MAPPER, PC-GPS and PC-GIS to geo-reference a map image. This is done by matching a few points (usually the corner points) on the image to the actual geographic coordinates then adjusting the map image accordingly.