I am interested in the PC-GIS upgrade from version 7 to version 9. What are the new features in version 9?

The enhancements in version 9 of our various PC GPS/GIS mapping application software can be found at the following link:



How to create a Line Feature?

 “I have PC-GPS Version 09 C13 with foresters toolkit 2.4C5. How do I draw a line in a GIS that I can put in a topic and will export to lines in AutoCAD? I use the “New Stand” button to digitize areas, but I want to digitize lines.”

To add a Line Feature, first create a Line Topic by using Topic/New Topic and select Line for the Type field.

Then when you select Add Feature by Mouse, you will be able to digitize lines.

Alternatively, you could click on the Add Road or Add Stream icons at the top to select a line style then digitize a road or a stream.

I’m just wondering how to make .jpg and or .tif files using PC-GPS?

There are a few ways to output maps from PC-MAPPER 09, PC-GPS 09 or PC-GIS PRO 09.

1. Use Geo Image under Utilities to output the displayed Map View as a geo-referenced .TIF file.

2. After using the Register Photo/Image function to geo-reference an image, you could press the Create TFW button to save a .TIF image.

3. The Plot Preview function provides a tool to save the displayed map as a .JPG, .BMP or .PDF file.