PC-GIS X cannot find the Shapefiles

“I am working on a project with the PC-GPS X software and I am not having any luck importing a shape file. This is the first time this has happened . . . If you don’t mind I am going to attach the shape files to this email and would like to see if you have any luck just to be sure it is not the software itself. . . Kind of a weird deal though and maybe it is because it is Monday. Also, I import the shape files in NAD83 Zone 15.”

The error message is about PC-GIS X not being able to find the specified Shapefiles.

Each of your file names contains a “.” symbol other than the one separating the file name from the file name extension.

Please rename all the files by replacing that “.” with a “_”.

Then you should be able to import the Shapefiles.


How to import existing Feature data (grids, GPS points) into PC Mapper?

You can import Points, Lines and Areas from Shapefiles by selecting Shapefiles as the Data Source then doing File/Import.

If you have GPS points in another PC-MAPPER .FMP file or in a .pmp file, you can open that file then select the Points, and do Edit/Copy. Then open your job file, select the appropriate topic and do Edit/Paste to Topic.

Points need to be placed in a Point type Topic, Lines in a Line type Topic, and Areas in an Area type Topic.

To create a new Topic, select Topic/New Topic and specify the Topic Name and Topic Type.

Automatic symbol assignment to Features imported from Shapefiles

Questions from a PC-MAPPER user:

1- Is it possible to automatically assign colors and symbols to the Features when importing Shapefiles into to the map (job)?

2- Is it possible to take 3 or 4 topics at the same time and to move them up (or down) at the same time instead of taking them one by one?

Both questions are for saving precious time.

If you always deal with the same set of Feature Topics, you could create a master job file (using PC-GIS, PC-GPS, PC-MAPPER, or CMT-Forester)  with the desired symbols assigned to the Topics (without any Features in the Topics). You could also arrange the Topics the way you like.

Whenever you want to work with a new job, you would open this master job file and save it under the new job file name. Then when you import the Shapefiles, the shapes should come into the job with the desired Topic symbols and in the desired order.