Can you tell us how to import photos from ARCGIS sites?

In what format are the photos you’ve downloaded from ARCGIS?

Please keep in mind that you can only import geo-referenced images into a Job in CMT-Forester 10.

To import a GeoTiff image, you will need the corresponding .tiff and the .tfw files.

To import a GeoJpeg image, you will need the corresponding .jpg and the jgw files.

To import a MRSID image, you will need the .sid and sdw files.

If you wish to load an image that has not been geo-referenced, you could use CMT-Forester 10 to geo-reference that image if you have the coordinates for three or more reference points on that image.


Virginia Maps at VBMP

“I am more familiar with the ARCMAP system so I will explain what I am looking for using that. We had aerial imagery that was linked to an online database. Specifically, Virginia‚Äôs VBMP aerial imagery products. These included infrared photos and regular color photos. Is there any way to do that with PC-GIS X? I have only figured out how to download the County orthoimagery. Which is helpful, but the VBMP infrared is really nice to have for stand delineation.”

We went to this site and downloaded the MRSID files for a grid. Then we extracted a set of the .SID and .SDW files and was able to load the corresponding image into PC-GISX.

How to get aerial photos in MRSID format into PC-GPS 9

“I have PC-GPS 9. I have downloaded aerial photos from the state of Florida DOT in Mr. Sid format, with coordinate system of download in State Plane, NAD 83. I went thru Lizard tech and put into Geotiff format & copied world files. How do I get these into shape files so that I can import into PC GPS.”

If these MRSID files are geo-referenced, they can be loaded into PC-GPS 09 by using the Load Registered Photo/Image function.

To do so, click the “L” icon at the top and select NAD 83, State Plane, Florida, your Region and the distance unit used for the aerial photo. Select the .SID file from the list of displayed geo-referenced map images to load it.

You should also be able to use this “L” icon to load the geotiff that you have prepared.

Shapefiles contain Points, Lines and Area Features that are vector data and not raster map images.