I am interested in the PC-GIS upgrade from version 7 to version 9. What are the new features in version 9?

The enhancements in version 9 of our various PC GPS/GIS mapping application software can be found at the following link:



PC-GIS X Release C7 and PC-Series 09 Release C20

The updated software will permit exporting to KML special characters like “/” in Attribute names.

There is now a File/Preview Layout function that lets you use an existing layout to quickly print out the job map.

Also, the Preview/Plot function now provides the option to use the Map View scale or the scale that was saved in the selected template.

The Help files have been updated as well.

Loading Tiff files compressed in JPEG format

Recently a few customers reported not being able load certain .tiff files into PC-GIS to use as background images. It turned out that those were JPEG-compressed tiff files. Accordingly, we have modified our software to allow it to load JPEG-compressed tiff files as well.

The updated PC-GIS 09, PC-GPS 09, PC-MAPPER 09, MAPPER AI 4, CMT-SURVEY 09 and COGOCAD 09 are now available for download from our ftp site.