PC-GIS X Preview/Plot PDF printout quality

“I think have it (Preview/Plot) worked out – as you see by the attached (PDF), the photo appears fuzzy. Is that typical or is there something I am doing incorrectly.”

The print quality is determined by your printer setting.

In the Plot Preview screen, please click on the third icon from the left to check the printer setting. The Print Quality setting may be in the Advanced section.

600 dpi is high quality. 300 dpi is good enough for printing on paper.


PC-GIS X Release C7 and PC-Series 09 Release C20

The updated software will permit exporting to KML special characters like “/” in Attribute names.

There is now a File/Preview Layout function that lets you use an existing layout to quickly print out the job map.

Also, the Preview/Plot function now provides the option to use the Map View scale or the scale that was saved in the selected template.

The Help files have been updated as well.