PC-GIS X Preview/Plot PDF printout quality

“I think have it (Preview/Plot) worked out – as you see by the attached (PDF), the photo appears fuzzy. Is that typical or is there something I am doing incorrectly.”

The print quality is determined by your printer setting.

In the Plot Preview screen, please click on the third icon from the left to check the printer setting. The Print Quality setting may be in the Advanced section.

600 dpi is high quality. 300 dpi is good enough for printing on paper.


How to get the coordinates of the points recorded with a CMT GPS Data Collector?

You can use PC-GIS, PC-GPS or PC-MAPPER to open a .FTR job recorded on MC-GPS, MARCH-II-E or ALTO-G12.

You will want to first switch to the desired coordinate system then use one of the following ways to obtain the Feature coordinates.

1. Use File/Print/Print to File to obtain a text file output.

2. Add built-in Attributes for the coordinates then export the Sheet View data to Shapefiles, Excel, ASCII, KML, GPX or DXF.