Can I send my job map to PDF from PC-GIS X?

Your PC-GIS X has a very nice map plotting function that will output the map to a PDF file or to a printer.

You can access the Preview/Plot function by clicking on the “P” icon on the tool bar at the top of the screen.

First zoom-fit your map on the screen then click on the Preview/Plot icon.

Click on the Select Template button then select the Portrait or Landscape mode as appropriate to your map.

Click on New Template the click on OK.

You can click the Setup icon (5th icon from the left) to select an appropriate scale to show your map on one page.

You can opt to have the North arrow, scale bar, map legend etc. displayed.

When you click on the colored icon for Plot to file, you have a choice to output the map to a PDF file. If you have a color printer installed on your PC, you should get a color map file.

When you click on the Exit icon, confirm to save the modified layout and supply a file name. In the future you may select this template to use.

Save your map to a .fmp file.


Can I save my Map to a PDF file?

¬†Yes. PC-GIS 09, PC-GPS 09 and PC-MAPPER 09 provide a “Print to image file” tool icon in the Plot Preview screen. It will let you save your plot preview as a .JPG file, a .BMP file, or a .PDF file.